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About Us

Information about application and admission to International Student, Overseas Chinese Students or Mainland Chinese Students, please contact ISAD or OMCSAD for assistance.

ISAD(International Students Affairs Division) https://isad-oia.ncku.edu.tw/?Lang=en

OMCSAD(Overseas and Mainland Chinese Students Affairs Division) https://overseas-oia.ncku.edu.tw/?Lang=en


Items (Admission Division in charge of)

Undergraduate program recruitment
Application Admission
Outstanding students recruitment
Outstanding athletes recruitment 
Cross-College Elite Program Exam affairs
NCKU Star project affairs
High School Science Class project
Examination affairs
Transfer Affairs
Planning Question drafting procedures of Graduate School Entrance Examination
Planning Printing procedures of Graduate School Entrance Examination
Award and Scholarship affairs
Grants given by the Ministry of Education to college students participating in International Academic Skills competitions and Inventions Exhibition
Academic Achievement Award
Scholarship for Outstanding high school students
Admission Promotion
Campus Fair(NCKU Bike Festival)
University Fair
High school Admission lecture
High School Alumni Association propaganda toward high school
Campus Tour for high school students
NCKU Chinese leaflet publication
Commissioned recruitment matters
Advanced Subjects Test (AST) affairs
Test of English Listening Comprehension (TELC) affairs 
General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT) affairs
Advanced Placement Computer Science affairs