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Staffs of our Division

Information about application and admission to International Student, Overseas Chinese Students or Mainland Chinese Students, please contact ORA for assistance.

Division of Overseas Recruitment and Admission (ORA)


Name Title Extension Duties
Mr.Hsin-Fu Huang Director 50191 ●Leader of General Academic Affairs Division
●Overall leadership and supervision of General Academic Affairs Division
Ms.Pao-Hui Liao Staff 50195 ●Undergraduate program admission
●Planning and implementing laws and regulations
●Budget preparation
●Collecting and editing reports of meetings
●Maintenance of various recruiting statistics

Ms.Pi-Tao Chen

Staff 50196 ●Graduate program admission
●Doctoral program admission through screening and recommendation
●Affairs of the Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Award
●Overseas Taiwan students' admission
●New immigrants' admission
Ms.Siou-Syuan Lin Staff 50198 ●Admission quota control
●Doctoral program admission
●Direct admission to doctoral programs
●Scholarship for Outstanding high school students
●Master’s admissions test (Taipei area) affairs
Ms.Chi-Hui Huang Staff 50192 ●Master’s admissions test (Tainan area) affairs
●National Taiwan Comprehensive University transfer student admissions test affairs
●Special selection Admission
●Outstanding doctoral student higher education award subsidy
●Honorary professors recommendation and awarding
●Affairs of Presidential Award
Ms. Jing-Shan You Staff 50199 ●Graduate scholarships
●Outstanding students scholarships for direct admission to doctoral programs
●Xin Miao key science and technology doctoral scholarship related assignments
●Advanced Subjects Test (AST) affairs
●Matters related to book equipment fees(for project equipment, please contact the core facility center)
Ms. Chia-Yin Tang Staff 50197 ●General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT) affairs
●National Taiwan Comprehensive University transfer student admissions affairs
●National Taiwan Comprehensive University Academic Contact of NCKU
●Spring Semester Transfer Test affairs
●High School Science Class project
●Website maintenance
Ms. Yu-Chen Lin Staff 50193 ●Test of English Listening Comprehension (TELC) affairs
●Planning and implementing of outstanding athletes recruitment
●High School Science Class project
●Advanced Placement Computer Programming affairs
●Property management
Ms. Li-Yu Jhuang Staff 50190 ●Arrangement of senior high school Admission lecture
●High School Alumni Association propaganda toward high school
●Official document forward of Academic participation and submission
●Campus Tour for high school students
●Grants given by the Ministry of Education to college students participating in International Academic Skills competitions and Inventions Exhibition
●Document dispatch,archive registration and other assignments